Fully 3D-ready Primobots.

A story-driven web3 brand.


Here’s The story behind primobots.


Two creators known by their initials, BP and IV, made great strides in the field of A.I. humanoid robots that could help humans in their day-to-day life. These robots, named Primobots, were intended to protect families and make their lives at home easier.


The public loved Primobots when they saw videos of how they could help humans. Wanting to achieve their vision of having one of these in every home, BP and IV demoed these to Void Sci, a tech company they wanted to partner with. Void Sci bought their tech and signed a royalty deal with the two creators.


What were once 500,000 militarized, menacing Primobots are now reduced to only a few thousand demilitarized, friendly Primobots.

So...what will you do with your primobot?


Utility from day one.

Our Motto: Underpromise, Overdeliver. Here’s what we’re commited to getting done, from day one.


Whoa! Is that a 3D helmet?!

What good is a Primobot if you can’t use it? We’re providing you with a custom 3D helmet file that you can use to create an AR lens that can be used on Social Media, Zoom, Google Meet, etc..

We’ve also provided the 3D avatars, which contain your full-body Primobot.

We made a tutorial to teach you how to create a Primobots filter with our 3D helmet file:


Say hi to your Membership pass.

Your Primobot NFT serves as your membership pass to...

  • IRL Experiences & Events
  • Metaverse Meet-ups
  • Private Discord Server
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    Be a part of a global brand.

    Our team has helped build brands like LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Google. We aim to build Primobots into a globally renowned brand via:

  • Collaborations: NFT, Web3, and Crypto collaborations.
  • Partnerships: Music, Entertainment, and Brand Partnerships.
  • Storytelling: Creating an expansive Primobots story
  • IP: As our collective brand grows, so does your individual Primobot
  • Effective Marketing: Marketing that goes beyond just Twitter.
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    Why buy a Primobot?

      There are 3 main reasons why Primobots might be a fit for you.
    • 1. You’re a collector or someone looking for a metaverse avatar.
    • 2. You love the brand that we are building and want to help grow it.
    • 3. You’re looking for both virtual & IRL experiences & events.
    • You don’t need to fit all three, one is more than enough. We simply want to ensure that our community around the world feels like they find value in their Primobot.

    Our brand values

  • DIBS: Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging.
  • Innovation: Zig, while everyone zags.
  • Kaizen: Strive for continuous improvement.
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    Ready for your first Primobot?

    Roadmap? Check.

    Q2 2022

    Provide PFP digital collectibles and AR-ready wearable helmets.

    Q3 2022

    Deliver full-body 3D avatars for metaverse platforms & blockchain gaming.

    Q4 2022

    👀 🎟️ 😉 😈


    Expand globally via storytelling, partnerships, & brand marketing.

    Meet the team.

    We don’t believe in hiding behind anonymity. So here are our real faces. We’re real people. Google us.


    ish Verduzco

    Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

    Past: LinkedIn, Snapchat, Crave It, Fast Food Punks, Cryptoon Goonz


    Bapusaheb Patil

    Co-Founder & Head of Design

    Past: Google, Razeware, OpenClassrooms, Udacity, MentorCruise


    We’re super grateful to our three-person developer team! Without them, this wouldn’t be possible:

    Chirag Kc

    Smart Contract Developer


    Abhay Deshpande

    Full Stack Developer


    Mihirsinh Parmar

    Smart Contract Developer



    Got any questions about Primobots? Or even NFTs in general?