Here’s The story behind primobots.


Two creators known by their initials, BP and IV, made great strides in the field of A.I. humanoid robots that could help humans in their day-to-day life. These robots, named Primobots, were intended to protect families and make their lives at home easier.


The public loved Primobots when they saw videos of how they could help humans. Wanting to achieve their vision of having one of these in every home, BP and IV demoed these to Void Sci, a tech company they wanted to partner with. Void Sci bought their tech and signed a royalty deal with the two creators.


But Void Sci had a different vision than the two creators. They wanted to militarize these Primobots. And they were successful in doing that. By 2038, mass production of Primobots was over and 500,000 Primobots were militarized.


For the next 25 years, these Primobots were deployed to many battles and covert missions. The world suffered great tragedy. After all, every leader wanted the perfect soldier. The perfect example of artificial intelligence and big tech gone wrong.

Fortunately, the two creators, BP and IV, were planning to take back the Primobots and restore them to serve peaceful purposes. And their community stood with them. Together, they created the Primobots Alliance Community.


With the help of the Primobots Alliance Community, the two creators fought against Void Sci. In the process, they had to destroy many Void Sci-controlled Primobots. But they won, and took over Void Sci.

Once inside the Void Sci HQ, they deployed smart contracts on the blockchain to take control of the remaining Primobots. These smart contracts are now used to run Primobots, in peace. They also modded Primobots to demilitarize them and make sure there’s never a single point of failure ever again.

But what purpose should these Primobots serve now? That’s a question that the Primobots Alliance Community is yet to answer. Join us in answering that very question.